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Domum’s Letting Expertise

Domum are your best choice when it comes to lettings. Our expert property team provide an exceptional service and offer a wealth of knowledge surrounding the rapidly moving rental market.

However, choosing to let your property, whether for the first time or repeatedly, can often bring challenges with it. Renting is a long process, and this is where Domum’s experienced staff step in; we are here to offer informed advice, and have a separate team dedicated solely to property lettings who are here to help you today.


Working With You

Domum’s expert lettings team appreciate that different landlords hold different requirements, and will thus work with your individual property needs. Our team will always strive to provide the best results for both you and your tenants.

We understand that the majority of landlords are aiming to rent their property speedily and for a respectable price without large empty gaps between tenants. We are able to offer the service of managing your property on a day to day basis, therefore causing you as little disruption as possible.

The best part of our lettings process is that you can choose exactly how much involvement Domum will take. Whether you require updates throughout the process or alternatively would prefer to let Domum take full control and leave you in peace, we are here to listen.

Domum’s specialised staff will always endeavour to follow your requests, which results in a stress-free and straightforward rental all round for you as a landlord.

All of our fees can be found on Domum’s services page, but if you require further help then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 058 0740.


Your Property Preparation

Domum’s lettings team are able to offer you advice and information on exactly what needs to be done when preparing your property for new tenants. We will let you know what should be actioned when it comes to furnishing your property, cleaning the area, and fixing/decorating anything in order to suit the tenants that you are specifically targeting.

Once your property is prepared and ready for tenants, Domum are on hand if you need us to advertise, organise and carry out any viewings in addition to managing any offers or reviews that are received. Domum provides an exceptional service, and you as a landlord in return receive peace of mind through knowing that your property is in safe hands.


By Your Side

Once a tenant has been found, you can personally choose whether you would like Domum’s property experts to continue managing your property. If you agree to this plan, we will oversee all relevant checks on tenants followed by the preparation of a tenancy agreement. We also provide tenants with the “How to Rent” Government guide, and will be available to deal with any queries or issues that the tenants may have.

If you should require it, Domum can continue to manage things once the tenants have moved in. This includes collecting rent payments, dealing with any property problems that may arise, and renewing a tenancy if you are happy to continue with your chosen tenants.

If you as a landlord have any questions surrounding the rental process, feel free to talk with Domum’s friendly and professional team at any time. We will go above and beyond to keep everything running smoothly.

To give you an overall understanding, Domum’s experienced lettings team know exactly what they are doing when it comes to rental properties. You can choose exactly how much or little we are involved in the rentals process; how you proceed with renting your property is entirely your decision, and Domum are simply here to help you as and when you need us along the way.


Maximising Property Potential

At Domum, we pride ourselves on our exclusive marketing tools. we will aid you in successfully letting your property, which is benefited by our dedicated in-house marketing team. Our specialised staff can work internally to present your rental property to 190 million people virally using our social media platforms, our website and other websites we are affiliated with. This includes UK property portals Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location.

In addition to this, Domum’s marketing team can target specific demographics through our online presence to help you find the perfect tenant. Our in-house printing facilities further means that we can create a range of marketing materials to highlight your property’s potential, including leaflets and brochures.

Domum will also advertise properties to let in a number of national and local newspapers and magazines, including the Daily Echo and the Hampshire Chronicle, which will heighten your property’s visibility to your local community and beyond.

As a landlord, you can personally pick and choose exactly how you would like your rental property to be advertised from the above options. Domum are dedicated to working closely with you in order to achieve the best results possible, and to further ensure that your property is managed both professionally and efficiently.


The Landlord & Tenant Legal Team

Domum are now working with Bernard Chill & Axtell Solicitors, a Hampshire based firm with almost 70 years’ worth of legal expertise. Their skilled Landlord & Tenant team are highly experienced, and can provide you with a level of expertise that is second to none.

Bernard Chill & Axtell’s Landlord & Tenant team cover a number of areas, including legal guidance for landlords experiencing issues with tenants such as damage to property, or tenants facing deposit problems. Bernard Chill & Axtell are here to help and will offer you informed and straightforward advice today.

With accomplished legal experts offering a range of services at reasonable and/or fixed fee prices, you are guaranteed to be in safe hands with Bernard Chill & Axtell’s Landlord & Tenant team.

Feel free to contact Bernard Chill & Axtell today on 02380 22 88 21, or alternatively you can visit their informative website.


Here To Help

Domum are the key to successfully letting your property. You can trust our knowledgeable, efficient and reliable staff to deliver exceptional service to both you and your tenants. If you have any queries or would like more information on what services Domum can offer Landlords, please do not hesitate to contact the knowledgeable team on 0845 058 0740.

Domum are the key to ensuring that your property is dealt with properly. Let us exceed your expectations and unlock your potential today.