Domum’s Top Contract Checks – Stay In The Know

Domum’s Contract Advice

Signing an estate agency contract is a big step to make in your property journey; Domum’s expert staff hold a wealth of knowledge surrounding the property market, and are able to offer you an insight into exactly what you should be checking before you go ahead and sign on the dotted line.

Domum’s top tips surrounding contracts are designed to make your life easier, and ultimately ensure that your buying process is a straightforward and efficient experience. Our friendly and accommodating team are able to guide you in the right direction, and are dedicated to helping you throughout your property search.

Read on to discover Domum’s information regarding vital checks you need to make before entering into an estate agency contract.


Keep an eye on commission

Always make sure that you work out how much commission will be charged in order to give yourself a figure to work with. By doing this, you will be prepared when the final bill arrives, and can discuss any queries you may have if you believe that there has been any miscalculation.

All commission rates should be included within your final sale price, and not paid until completion. If you have any queries surrounding this, Domum’s friendly staff are here to assist today.


Check for any additional charges

Make yourself aware of any additional charges, which includes withdrawal fees. Never be nervous to ask an estate agent to fully explain any areas of the contact that you are unsure about – put your mind at rest by voicing any issues you may have as soon as possible, and do not feel pressured into signing a contract until you have a firm understanding of all charges included.

At Domum, we pride ourselves on our transparency and fair fixed fees; we are always more than happy to offer our clients any further information regarding payments.


Always ensure that you include VAT

It is not uncommon for estate agents to not include VAT within their overall fees, so take the time to work out how much this will cost you and add this to the total sum. Many buyers do forget to include VAT costs, and this can unfortunately result in an unexpected surprise at the end of the process when the final bill arrives.

Keep your budget in mind, and always calculate the VAT; Domum are happy to assist you with this in order to help you keep track of your finances during the buying and selling process.


Ask the homeowner why they are selling now

One of the key steps to take before you sign a contract is to figure out why the move is happening, so talk to the current homeowner; it is important to find out why they are looking to sell, so make time to speak with them and discuss this. By taking this step, you will often be able to discover if there are any problems with the property which could cause issues.

Top Tip: Ask your estate agent what offers have already been received to keep yourself in the loop.

Talking with the seller allows you to make an informed decision, and can also provide further useful information regarding the neighbours, local traffic and the surrounding area. It is also recommended to try and find out how long the seller has owned their property for – a sale after a few months may not bode well, and is worth querying.


Enquire about Council Tax and Utility Bills

This may seem like a small point to remember, but be sure to gain at least a rough idea on how much the bills would cost and what council tax band the property falls into before you sign. It is also wise to take a close look at the EPC certificate and query anything you are unsure about. This could include questions such as what insulation has been installed.

Put your mind at ease by enquiring about these factors before you sign away, and remember that your estate agent is there to help you throughout the entire process. At Domum, you will receive a level of commitment to your property search that is second to none, so you are always more than welcome to contact our friendly team.


Ask to view the certificate of occupancy

The certificate of occupancy is an extremely important document to obtain if you are looking to purchase. This document will tell you all about the building, and whether it is in line with building codes and a number of other laws.

This document is issued by the local government agency or a building department. Domum’s expert team can provide you with all the information you need regarding this, and will fully explain any confusing jargon.


Choose Domum, Choose Excellence

You can rest assured that Domum’s experienced team are dedicated to your property search; we will lead you down the easy and cost effective path to buying and selling, and will ensure that property is done properly – right up until you are handed the keys to your dream home.

Domum are a skilled estate agent with many years of experience that you can trust. We are here to unlock your property potential, and are dedicated to offering assistance every step of the way.

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